Spinning Silvia Zoetrope

Zoetrope illusion with 3D printed glitch art animation with Micheal Lainé

mainA Zoetrope produced for Animation and Motion Graphics Masters student, Michael Lainé’s Silvia project. Thirty 3D printed busts, physical frames of an animation spun and strobed to produce the illustion of a moving scupture. Produced for an exhibition with Channel 4 hosted at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts.

Micheal’s “Silvia” music video provided the basis for this piece, captured using a custom built rig for a Microsoft Kinect camera then creatively glitched and render. Micheal next printed a series of snapshots from this video on a Makerbot Replicator 3D printer, and then approached me for help turning them into a Zoetrope.
The build consisted of a laser cut form, spun up by an Arduino controlled stepper motor and strobed with power LEDs each time a head passes, as shown in the video below (which doesn’t quite do the illustation justice). See the Open Hardware & Software writeup for more details.

Following the Baltic exhibiton, Micheals work was exhibited at D & AD and received nomination in the “Best in Show” category.

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts
D & AD | “Best in Show” nomination